5th World Congress on Women's Mental Health

04 maart 2013 - 07 maart 2013

The 5th World Congress on Women's Mental Health (IAWMH) is to be held 4–7 March 2013 in Lima, Peru.

IAWMH will present an innovative program focusing on the psychosocial, biological and clinical sciences of women's mental health from individual, family, society, community and global perspectives. Through a series of keynote lectures, symposia, plenaries, paper sessions, posters and workshops, we will explore the psychosocial, economic and cultural contexts of women's mental health as well as the genetic, cellular, neural, hormonal, pharmacologic and other basic science aspects.

The program will be complemented by an extensive trade exhibition featuring the latest developments, publications and innovations in the field.

For more information visit the website of IAWMH2013